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Billie Myers Free Sheet Music

Billie Myers Billie Myers (born 14 June 1971, Coventry, West Midlands) is an English rock singer-songwriter.

Myers was discovered in a nightclub by record producer Peter Q. Harris. She was offered a recording contract with Universal Music and only a short time later had songs playing on radio stations across the world.

Her biggest moment arrived in 1998, when her first single, "Kiss the Rain" entered the UK Singles Chart and reached number 4. The single was taken from her 1997 first album, Growing, Pains. "Kiss the Rain" was featured in the U.S. TV series Dawson's Creek (episode #2-02, entitled "Crossroads"); the song was also used in promotions for Archer Daniels Midland, often seen at the beginning of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer and commercial breaks for Sunday morning talk shows. After this exposure in the U.S., it reached number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Billie Myers - Kiss The Rain Piano Sheet Music

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