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Bisou (band) Free Sheet Music

Bisou (band) Bisou (French for "kiss") was a German girl group founded by rapper Bushido in 2007.All members were contestants in the fifth season of Popstars, but only two made it to the final twelve (into the so-called "Bandhaus") and none made it to the final six. At The Dome 40, they were guests to cheer for the winners of that season of Popstars, Monrose. They met Bushido, who they knew from a visit to him at the Popstar-Bandhouse, and began to talk. Bushido then came up with the idea to form them into a new band – and Bisou was born.Bushido presented the band at The Dome 41 in March 2007, where they sang live in front of the public. They released their first single "Die erste Träne" ("The first tear"), and a week later the debut album Hier und Jetzt ("Here and now") was released over Bushido's record label ersguterjunge. In October, they published the second single "Die Sonne geht auf" ("The sun rises"), but the single did not reach the charts.

Bisou (band) - erste träne Piano Sheet Music

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